Wednesday, September 26, 2007


What is love?
Baby, don’t hurt me… don’t hurt me…
No more!

(A one-and-a-half-hit wonder band called Haddaway, 1993)

What exactly is it about teenage love that makes everything that we do wrong turn out so right; when everything that we try and do right in an ‘adult’ relationship often turns out so horribly wrong?

I used to watch the televised versions of the great Indian epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata. There were these long battle scenes, with arrows flying thick and fast: atrociously dramatic and curiously effective. Those who have grown up with cable television will find this hard to swallow, but the state-run Doordarshan was all we had and the epics made our Sundays eventful, if only due to a sad lack of choice. So, in such exaggerated battle sequences, whenever the two opponents were men of comparative significance, there would be this meeting of arrows in the air, while all of us held our breaths, followed by the inevitable and rather loud neutralization of both arrows till the ‘better man’ fished the figurative ace up his sleeve and neutralized the ‘lesser mortal’, who was obviously of a somewhat questionable integrity. It is kind of like a Bollywood scene with evenly traded punches between two protagonists who often find out they are brothers by the end of the fight that neither seems to win. (Unless one of them is the leering “villain” out to bother the village belle, in which case the knight to the rescue wins, after a few scares.) However, I’m digressing, and should now get back to my story.

I used to feel that my love-life (or periods with the shocking lack of it, since I believe that I have been considered eminently eligible by more than a discerning few) resembled just such a battle sequence, in which Cupid’s arrows were often neutralized by those fired by the Avenging Angel of Unrequited Love. Much like Richard Gere’s rueful admission in the hit movie Pretty Woman, I seem to have a special gift for impossible (near-) relationships .... Somewhere along the way that changed and I thought I had found the "one". And i thought, so far, so good. (PS:How wrong I was.)