Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Miscellaneous Music

My head is like an Mp3 player, only that it stores a dream number of songs… those from the past and those that I make up (and I had hoped to sell to Richard Marx one day!).. loony tunes in my head, especially when I am happy. Why the sappy Richard Marx, you ask? Well, that’s another story… later maybe. Actually, to cut a long story short, I loved his song "Endless Summer Nights", but hated the video, which made me enjoy the song just a wee bit less.... so, I decided to write him some lyrics, and ask for the rights to re-make some of his old videos! Ah, the dreams of youth!!

But, seriously, think about it - if MLTR (Michael Learns To Rock, for the uninitiated children of the 21st century - a horrendously poppish popular pop band of the 90s) can have a hit song with the lyrics "I have never seen/ such a lovely queen....From the skies above/to the deepest love...", how bad can I be? Oh and did you know, Richard is married to "Penny"? If you have seen "Dirty Dancing" even half the number of times that I have, she was that awesome dancer who gets pregnant... Just imagine the stuff you learn from 'lifestyle' mags!

On our wedding anniversary, my husband gave me one of my most cherished possessions, an iPod, but then even before that I had plenty of melodies playing in my head. They’re happy songs, for I save the melancholy for my poetry. Yes, I do like to believe I’m multi-faceted though there’s a fine line between self-confidence and delusion, or so I’m told. However, I choose to believe I’m on the safe side of that line, whatever that might be.

Every memory, every era, and every self-discovery comes with its customized song menu. I belong to an era when the toothy band members of A-Ha ruled and Madonna had just hit the scene. Yes, I’m that old, only I look much older than the still-revered Queen of Pop, don’t have her oomph factor and can only hope I dance with a tenth of her chutzpah. What a sad way to be, you must be thinking. But, hey, I have my delusional belief in myself and that must count for something, eh?

The truth is – not all of us can be Madonna, which is a good thing for we could all be Paris Hilton! One shudders to think of the possibility: all that money for a name that sounds like, and is, in fact, a hotel. Still there are worse ways to live. Like the fact that you decided to read till the end of this. So, where does that leave you?

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