Monday, June 30, 2008

Lean your unclean on me

i remember this episode from Friends, when Rachel makes Monica in-charge of making all future decisions for her, after a spate of some spectacularly bad ones (obviously involving men!).

i wish i could do the same! alas, life ain't a sitcom and although i have equally messed up uber-loyal and infinitely dependable friends; unfortunately i was born with a pre-programmed "take-responsibility-for-your-actions" microchip, embedded in the depths of my conscience. the masochistic logic behind this irritant, according to me, is that i can never blame anyone else for my variegated foibles. but it is times like the ones i am currently living in that make me yearn otherwise...

so it is that i was fascinated by a story in the TOI that talks about a hat-ke outsourcing firm, that tackles your dirty jobs for you. AskSunday, and its Indian avatar GetFriday, can break up with your girlfriend, cancel your date, and perhaps do sundry other "don't-wish-to-getcha-hands-dirty" stuff for you, while you sit in your storm shelter, with curtains drawn, and pretend not to be home.

wow! why didn't I think of that one before... given my penchant for gettin' down and dirty ;)

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