Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Just another day at the office...

O-H my G-A-W-D! i know that with the benefit of hindsight and armed with all the action replays of all that i missed LIVE! today, i will update this tomorrow, but for now..... what a day it has been my fellow country men (and women)!

somehow, in all the mayhem and shamefulness that Parliament had to offer today, i felt strangely one with my fellow Indians... we stood united while craning our necks and straining our ears to hear Laloo and Rahul baba speak, just as we were united in shaking our heads and smirking at the circus on television and the drama that unfolded throughout the day; i felt the nation gasp as one when the bundles of money came out (helpfully pointed out by a giant hand on one of the Hindi news channels!) and then i heard India scratch its giant head when the first results came in and we all wondered where the missing MPs went ?? now i am sure i am not alone in wondering where those bundles of money came from and where they might eventually land up!

and i felt terribly nostalgic too, constantly reminded as i was of the first grade, when the Speaker kept telling everyone to "keep quiet" and "please sit down", requesting them to " kindly return to their seats"...

but i have to admit that i have my favorite characters in this "Comedy of Horrors". the first, undoubtedly, was Somnath babu ... especially when, after he was asked by one speaker as to why he could not stop another from interrupting him, he replied. "what should i do? should i strangle him?" he cajoled, shouted, wrung his hands, helplessly dug his nose and tsk tsked his way into our great nation's doctored history books.. (update: and got expelled from his party for his efforts... what a shame!)

and then of course, there is my eternal fave: Manu Bhai. love him. he's chooooo chweeeeet. i agree with one of my senior colleagues that of all the PMs that this had to happen to, it happened to happen to him.... what was that sentence again? whatever, you get my drift. i could almost picture him, late at night, finally away from the spotlight and alone at home with his wife saying "hun bas. that's it for me, Gurshu, wake me up when this nigthmare's over, and we'll move to oxford". i like his new Guru Gobind Singh inspired avatar though. sad how it all came to pass but.... way to go, dude!!

so, in the end, i just decided to hum along with the HIndi channels... "Singh is King, Singh is King, Singh is King ..... " never mind the ring-a-ding-ding!!

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