Tuesday, July 1, 2008

So, where have you been honey?

in the adventurous, rugged, often bleak, and sometimes treacherous landscape that modern marriage is, its hard to imagine anyone who has not had mutinous thoughts of shedding excess baggage and just taking off on an arduous journey of introspection, hoping that the battered half (my take on the Indian "better-half") will still be there to either pick up the pieces of an experiment gone horribly wrong, or share in the spoils of a successful odyssey of self-discovery.

sometimes when people set off on this path, they have no clue where they might land up. they can choose to moan the loss of the familiar and painstakingly re-build the imperfect, or they can embrace the unfamiliar and throw fate the gauntlet, and gear up to see what it throws back at them.

i believe those who cowardly choose the former shall perish, while the latter will eventually live on, stronger, to fight another day. Amen.

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