Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A nation on song

India needs a new anthem. no,no, of course i don't mean that we need to replace the great Jan Gan Man (still my fave tune in the whole wide world - there's something to be said for patriotic fervour!) i mean that other anthem that's been burning the airwaves for a while and is fast heading towards burnout - the title track of Chak de India!

i watched with fascination as about 150 of my colleagues stood in unison to cheer on the dishy Indian boxer, Vijender Singh, as he knocked a tired-looking man out, to reserve the bronze, if not the big G.O.L.D (or, Goddamned Olympics' Lame Ducks aka India) medal.... though none of us girls really knew what was going on, especially why the two men kept hugging each other in a very suspiciously gay fashion (eat that, Article 377!), we cheered when the men did. there was a thumping of desks, blasts of fervent clapping, cries of "start filing that copy..." etc etc etc.

but seriously, what is it with men and contact sports? or just plain contact? to my utter consternation, there is this one colleague who sort of slapped me on the back when i made a (squeaky clean) joke the other day, only to realise that my withering (or cock-eyed, depending on where you were standing) look did mean that i was trying to decide which kitchen knife to plunge into his neck when he next attempted the infuriatingly testosterone-induced gesture. he hasn't tried it since, but once was enough. eew! anyway, there was more hugging than punching and i find it hard to fathom why two sweaty men would want to repeatedly touch and hug each other with a million people cheering them on?

all to the tune of chak de oh chak de india on the haazar news channels...... i mean, now that we have medal winners coming out of the woodwork( two definite bronzes today, with scope 'n' hope for more), isn't it time for some new patriotic songwriters to stand up? oh, standing up reminds me: without demeaning the fervour and the occasion, i still chuckle at the memory of my friends and family, happily tipsy on our Independence Day party, forced to sing the REAL national anthem (THE Jan Gan Man), after two of us lustily broke out into the opening lines :)

thanks, you guys, for singin' with me my favorite song!

Chak de
... er..ummm ... i mean, Jai Hind!!

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  1. I so TOTALLY agree!! I get sick to my stomach when I hear Chak de repeated over and over again. It was fun while it lasted but for god's sake, why do we insist on holding on to things that have passed their expiry date? I've forgotten what song they used before chak de came about. 'saare jahan se achha' perhaps. I suggest we go back to that. Some songs like jana gana mana and saare jahan remain evergreen.