Saturday, August 16, 2008

Smile and beer it

so, it finally hit me last night. i'm getting old. why, you ask, have i chosen to suddenly wake up to an ugly truth?

it's because my head's about to fall off after about 2 glasses of beer, that too, at my own party. TWO glasses! not bottles. not even mugs. no, not even two proper beer glasses (shudder!). but two measly, slim, harmless looking, benign water tumblers filled (not even to the brim. shame! shame!) with a Thai version of the divine liquid that are responsible for tumbling me throbbing-head first into a depression. all on account of undeniable proof of the shocking effects of aging on my capacity to shoot back the 'amateur' stuff. there! i said it. (oye, who's the amateur now?)

but now, sitting in my office, pleasantly hazy from dunking Tylenol with fresh spring water, semi-recovered and basking in the warm gooey feeling of a party-well-thrown (and well-attended, where guests stayed well-beyond the Cinderella hour), i've been able to gain a pretty balanced perspective on the events of last night (and this lousy morning).

it was the food. something, somewhere caused the brain pain. can't be the alcohol, now, can it? we're a family of seasoned drinkers (not drunkards, mind you). proud pros from the Land of the Five Rivers, who have withstood the assault of molasses and fermentation for centuries with a grin and a spin. what's two measly tumblers of Asian brew, huh? (it wasn't even the European stuff, man!). old? age ain't nothin' but the number of years your whiskey's been lying around in vats.

so, bring it on, its a new evening! and damn chicken biryani, that dodgy harbinger of bad news!!

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