Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Fundas and the week that was not....

i'm in a kind of fugue state.... better still, i'm floating and its all happening in someone else's life.... even better, i'm plain absent and that tick in the register is a proxy... would it were that simple, though. sometimes, you get hit by a stray cricket ball, at other times you run right into the willow. that's life for ya!

why am i so maudlin, you might wonder. because this has been one of the most confusing weeks in my recent past, and there have been some baffling ones, believe me. triumph and loss have jostled for space with anger and humility, while bad judgement has tried to usurp the embattled throne of good sense, and despair has reluctantly, mistrustfully opened the door to a sliver of hope. and that hope hangs on the tenuous thread of my own conscience. which is telling me that it's sick and tired of playing second fiddle to self-doubts and that i need to kick some ass. you win, babe. so be it. amen.

and now on to some snippets of gyaan for the week that was not, and might never be...
  • Into all lives some rain must fall, though it never does when predicted during the monsoons and always re-appears just as you are getting ready to drive back home in rush hour. SUVs double up as your al fresco car wash, dousing your tiny-four-paws with the spittle of a hundred paans, the sorry butts of soggy bidis and sloshy remains of roughly a million Indian pit stops by the roadside.
  • All the world's a urinal and the Indians are the longest-surviving imperialists. plunder with paan. pillage with pee. paint the town yellow. while we're on the subject, the original colonialists have much to teach us still. a small tip: avoid the red phone booths in London, except when you gotta go... i mean, unless you really gotta go...then there ain't a better place, or so say the Brits.... you pee!! ooops, i mean, you see!
  • A bar may list a hundred different brands of beer, but the one you crave on that very exact day will always be "out of stock". and the one you order will be the warmest, yet the "coldest" they've got. aaaaarrrrgh! Enough to make you froth at the mouth, like the warm glass now staring at you from across the table.
  • All things in life that are seemingly free, come with an expiry date. The choked with toxic-whatnot air won't be worth breathing in a few years' time; water with god-knows-what-shit-in-it won't last despite fast-melting glaciers; the earth that we walk on.... ooops! that's already been swallowed up by DLF/DDA, groaning as it is under the weight of progress.... breathless, it awaits the final verdict from the Franco-Swiss border.... and we all know the longevity of promises. freely made, short shelf-life..... love? i'm still figuring that one out.
so, maudlin i may be
but all ye, it won't last
for the dumbest thing to do
is to let your future be led by the past

i see from my dirty window
that some rain has fallen today
and as i prepare to leave now
i wonder if i might get sloshed today

for the car needs a wash
and so does my hair
so why worry about the future
i'll know what happens as soon as i get there!!

so have a nice weekend folks
and remember to do everything that i won't
and when you screw up big time
i'll pretend i did tell you don't!

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