Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hangin' up on better judgement

i feel like crying. i was "velly velly lude" to this sweet boy at an obscure call centre somewhere. well, the conversation began reasonably enough and then went something like this:

"hi, yeah......blah blah blaaaaahhh...." is how it all started... going on to "please hold the line while we transfer you to... blah blah blaaaaaaah", and more of the same (holding and tranferring... holding and transferring.. and so on)

.... till the crucial part:

Sweet boy (SB): I'm very sorry Ma'am to keep you waiting on the line for so long and i thank you for your patience, but we cannot deliver it today, due to a echnical fault in our system that did not register your original request.

Meanie Me (MM): What do you mean you can't deliver it today? If there is a bloody technical fault, then aren't you supposed to inform me in advance?

SB: yes, i agree madam ... and i personally apologise to you. i really am very sorry and this will nto happen in future.

MM: oh yeah i know it will... should have listenened to my friends when they said your service sucked! (though by this time i knew i was being rude 'cos his voice fell and he really seemed ready to cry)

SB: we will compensate you in your next bill, i am personally sorry, and...

MM: (cutting him of) i don't want the compens...

SB: (really scaredddly cutting me off ) can you please speak a little louder ma'am i can't hear you...

MM: no i will not speak louder cos i don't want to shout!

SB: yes, ma'am i also don't want you to shout please...

.... and this is the point, the point where i should have apologised to him for he sounded so penitent and sad and overwhelmed by my unnatural rudeness (in all modesty, i am not a rude person by nature and i think that my unreasonableness caught me as much by surprise as it did him), but as it is with mistakes, they're seldom alone, followed as they are with a second-in-command at their heels, and so it was with that i made a second, graver, one.

i hung up. and promptly wanted to cry. weep. actually, bawl like a four-year old who finds he can't have all the pop tarts he can possibly, even actually, eat.

so i called again. thrice. but the person(s) who answered didn't sound at all like the poor boy whose weekend i might have ruined, battering him as i did with a full-frontal assault by my PMSing alter-ego. so i hung up. thrice.

i'm sorry whoever you were. more than you'll know. more than i care to admit. and i hope you have a nice weekend. and i also thank you, for i have learnt two important things today:

that worse than our first mistake is the one that follows....

and that sometimes we shouldn't just hang up when we make a mistake, no matter how angry we are, for we might just end up discovering that the person at the other end of the line is long gone.....

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