Friday, September 5, 2008

I spy with a jaundiced eye....

TGIF. and i have some random observations from the week that was, and will be, all over again, next week:

  • The parking situation here really stinks
you see, the parking lot behind our office has been dug up to make way for a space-age multi-level parking space, but due to the Indian timetable of doing things it is still growing sprouts, and so we all have to park and walk to office, which i avoid doing in the mornings, for i dread the fact that i would no longer be able to sashay past anyone with casual confidence, leaving a delicious trail of designer perfume behind which pales in comparison to the stuff that follows our fashion editor. yummy:) which is what i can't say for a lot of the others in this place. but why blame parking woes for all jammy toes, huh?

  • Autowallahs in Delhi want to go nowhere.
really. nowhere at all. SO, this one old Sardarji at the auto stand near where i park is always reading the newspaper (go literates!) in his auto and when i ask (almost daily, just in case i get lucky) he shakes his head morosely, almost as if he needs to be left alone to ponder all that plagues our sad sad world. so i say: "read on with some joy, Surdy Boy"! and then move to the next naysayer. i've tried naming different directions, just to see which one they prefer, but they really don't want to go anywhere these days. desperate i ask, "kyon bhaiyya, bathroom toh jana hai ? hain?" and walk ff in a huff till i find one who is apparently lost in CP and basically sees me as his paying ticket out. and that is that. maybe they're just escaping from the wifey back home. "chalo, ab chain se bidi piyoonga, ab ek aadh bewakoof sawari hee kafi hai kamane ke liye."

  • Indian men will risk probable castration, just to cross a damn road
look around you. there are new pedestrian subways, overbridges, underpasses and what not mushrooming all over the city but the Indian male is willing to risk his polyester trousers, life, limb and what might go worse than limp trying to acrobat his way across the forbidding fences to cross the road at forbidden points, while others wait impatiently to repeat the feat. for single friends who complain that the Indian male has lost his mojo, here you go, for now you know!

  • The entry door to our office floor is pink
That's the one you have to walk through if you take the stairs to our office level. well it's pink. yes, PINK. probably no big deal, i guess, but its new and i just noticed last night. does the contractor realise he's a dude? oh, sorry, i promised not to be too sexist today!

  • Today is Teacher's Day (valid for today only)
just to mark the occasion, i have to say that i terribly miss Teacher's Day in school. we kids would wear the pretend mantle of authority and take classes to ease a half-day burden for the harried masses. My hat's off to them all, for they did a splendid job for the rest of the year (while we always, always messed the sideshow up!).

  • Salaries always suck
so yeah, sometimes, i complain. at most other times, i'm too busy listening to others grouch. i have that effect on people. and now, as i must leave for my daily meeting, a point to ponder: how might that idea work if the above applied to our work places. boss a bit over the bosses, eh? they teach us a lot of good stuff too, no? dunno about you sparky, but i could do with giving myself a raise ;)

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