Monday, September 22, 2008

think. pause. speak.

i have a dubious gift
a special one, no doubt

that is i never know exactly when
i should put my foot in my mouth

so try as i might
and repent as i may
i never do find the right time
for all the silly things to say

but being the Saggi that i am

i somehow worm out of trouble
but just when i think i'm home free
along comes disaster, quick on the double

so i fret and i sweat
while others can't believe my cheek
alas! little do they know
it's only a hole to die in i seek

so while i crawl about in shame
promise that i will not repeat
the faux pas, that i so avoid,
continue yapping at my feet

so all ye who i might have tormented
with a word i was too quick to utter
please know that i yearn for the day
when i will stop causing an unnecessary flutter

now that i have been suitably contrite
for something that's outta my control
i'm sure i can go back to bumbling
till i'm arrested by the think-before-u-speak patrol

there, that's poetic laziness for you. for i'm conserving my prosaic energies for the week ahead. another long one it might turn out to be.....

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