Monday, October 6, 2008

Gimme five!

Top Fives of my (currently playing in a theatre far far away from reality) life:

  • Songs on repeat
  1. Love should - Moby
  2. Far away - Nickelback
  3. Here without you - 3 Doors Down
  4. Ahista Ahista - Bachna Ae Haseeno
  5. Nothing else matters - Metallica
  • Dream (filmi) getaways
  1. The house on the hill in the Thomas Crown Affair
  2. The old building or whatever where Keira Knightley's Elizabeth and Darcy kiss in yet another re-make of Pride and Prejudice
  3. The beach in From here to Eternity
  4. Casablanca, of course!
  5. The typical/standard Bollywood feel-good nachna gaana shoot route (empty beach, mountain, desert, city, tree, lake, snow in chiffon, whatever...)
  • Questions i'm asking
  1. Mithun Da kab retire hoge? (also, directed at Dev 'Saab' Anand)
  2. Citibank kab bankrupt hoga? (apologies to Mr. & Mrs. S!)
  3. Saala, India ko gussa kyon nahin aata? (sab kuchch chalta hai!)
  4. Where's the rest of my paycheck?
  5. Is it time to 'respectably' go home yet?
  • Causes to espouse
  1. Traffic Free Dilli
  2. More Chicken for my Sub
  3. Somebody... Stop Himesh!
  4. Goa not Gurgaon
  5. Five Day Week now (four, actually, if you consider the mounting arrears)
  • Things to do when in doubt
  1. Look in the mirror
  2. Call Oprah
  3. Vote Democrat
  4. Blame the "previous government" while decrying the "incumbency factor"
  5. Head for the drinks cabinet
  • Time-fillers
  1. Blogging on crap like this
  2. Intra-office 'networking'
  3. Coffee breaks and working lunches
  4. Making organised lists
  5. Meetings (especially with dazzling Power Point props)
  • TV series
  1. CSI- all
  2. Criminal Minds
  3. Coupling
  4. Seinfeld
  5. How I Met Your Mother
  • Ways to die (or survive to accost the cause)
  1. Drown in a vat of whiskey
  2. Drown in a cask of beer
  3. Drown in a tub of cream cheese
  4. Drown in a pond of maple syrup
  5. Get crushed in a blender making a banana-strawberry smoothie
  • Places to re-visit someday (i guess no separate section on fab foods/beverages needed!)
  1. Ladakh before snowfall
  2. London ANYTIME AT ALL
  3. Times Sq. NY in the fall
  4. Langkawi in winter
  5. Paris in summer
  • FINALLY: Favorite excuses
  1. I can't
  2. I won't
  3. I shouldn't
  4. Who cares?
  5. Are you out of your mind?


  1. Hmmmm. Nice.
    Glad to discover you.

  2. thx :) good to know that some ppl do read this mess!