Friday, October 2, 2009

Anchors aweigh...

It's flashing on the screen, that frozen hue,
when new was old and the old anew.
The memory of a day long ago,
when about almost nothing there was much ado.

Skip to the part that I loved most,
when this silly heart ran from pillar to post;
and found the beat that matched its step;
swaying to song, more drunk than most.

The music's soured and so has the wine;
oh! my sorrow so sweet, my pain divine:
Must we part ways and not look back
to when I was yours and you were mine?

But the sunrise beckons, I must not stay;
let go, dark night, and don't think of me this way,
for I'll be leaving now and won't be back;
Anchors aweigh! anchors aweigh...


  1. lol, i was going to skim n not read, i read, n then i was not going to comment.. but.. you've a very funny way with pictures "objects in the mirror are closer than they appear" ha ha.. what juxtaposition, nice..

  2. Thanks Chinmay... that was the general idea :)

  3. Hey, I stumbled upon your blog through the comments section on Kuzhali Manickavel's blog. I really liked this poem and was wondering if you would want to be a part of a book of poetry and art that a few friends of mine and I are compiling currently.

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    Keep up the good work,


  4. @Paras: thanks for your generous comments! it was just a silly thought after a nasty workday. Oh, but I'll be mailing you :)